Saturday, June 28, 2008

divisible by 11

yesterday I turned 22. I had breakfast with monica in a beautiful cafe called ici, followed by an afternoon of op shopping in an effort to make our little house feel more like home. in the evening I got very smoke stenched at a party but did learn how to toast marshmellows properly. how have I not known until now? the difference is incredible!


Jo said...

happy birthday!

the third photo is so lovely :)

Anonymous said...

oh i love this scarf! how do you toast them "properly"? The marshmallows i mean :)

Luci said...

thanks jo!

kate: re the marshmellows... I don't know if this is common knowledge I haven't caught up with, but I learnt to hold the marshmellow close to the heat at the bottom and rotate it until it browns and expands. I always used to set it on fire and blow it out! this is much better.