Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gapuwiyak art

This is a short documentary on the fibre work by Gapuwiyak artists from Arnhem Land (central northern Australia). It brought a few tears to my eyes. Aboriginal art is exhibited in galleries all over the country, and yet I think many Australians feel disconnected from it. A big part of this may be because we simply don't see the people and the process and what it means to them. The excitement and pride in the women in this video was captivating. There needs to be more of this, more sharing.


Kim Baise said...

wow! beautiful work. i would like to see them teaching the younger ones so culture is not lost.
i am officially a new blog follower (;

Olga said...

THANK YOU for sharing this, so so beautiful. Have you seen this exhibition yet?
I was completely blown away, never seen anything like that! Will go back a couple more times I think.

Luci said...

oo, thanks Olga! I didn't know about that, but will definitely go have a look..