Thursday, November 18, 2010

You know when you get very involved in a project, you're working away at it, but no matter what you do it's becoming less and less like what you imagined. Then the seed of an idea is planted in your head: I'll start again, you think. Quickly you brush it aside. I've come so far, spent so much time. I'm nearly finished! But that seed grows, and before you know it, you've brought out a fresh sheet. By the time you finish the second round, you look at both and think, well the first one was just as good anyway.

I have so much abandonment in boxes, in folders. Luckily some of it gets a second chance upon surprise discovery.


hila said...

I have to admit to being guilty of that too. Luckily (or perhaps not so luckily), I have an abundance of editors who remind me of deadlines :)

p.s. I love pressed flowers, I used to collect them when I was little.

Anonymous said...

i love this 'reject' work!

and i too have many many many unfinished projects; if only they were so beautiful...