Monday, July 12, 2010


My problem with the blog world is that most people I spy on are in the midst of summer, and every post is dripping with sunshine and cool drinks and bare feet. I'm so envious. Luckily today the sky looks like this; I can pretend.


AmyK said...

If it makes you feel any better, there's nothing dripping sunshine in my world right now; summer weather only lasted about a week before we got back to rainy weather :(

David said...

Greetings from cold, occasionally clear-skied, Christchurch

I really like your blog! x

Luci said...

Hey David, nice one! Buildings and blue skies, lovely indeed.

Tali said...

I feel your pain. So over winter..
Does this mean we need more amazing blogs from the southern hemisphere??

Luci said...

Probably Tali! Or I just need to find them.