Saturday, June 5, 2010

trotski & ash

trotski & ash have certainly been a chatter topic in Melbourne lately and I've actually met one half of the pair briefly, but it's only today that I was led to their recipe for "Birthday Borscht", began exploring every recipe and really fell in love with this project. I think it's the stories that get me - sentiments often of Melbourne and its seasons, good food (obviously), friends and fond memories.

I'm beginning to come to the unwelcome realisation that being someone who loves to cook and bake very frequently is more of a romantic domestic dream for me than a reality. Gardening also comes under this category. But the dream is still strong (maybe when my kitchen improves?) and for now, these two ladies are a vicarious delight.

Photos above by Lauren Bamford.


Sundari said...

Cooking is nice if you have a nice kitchen. My excuse for not doing amazing things like fancy cakes is beause my kitchen isn't amazing.

Megan said...

Cooking and Baking is fun! My advice: don't let your unamazing kitchen stop you.
Btw, what is that in your photo. It looks really yummy.

Luci said...

It hinders me a little when my oven stops working!
Megan, I believe that is borscht on the left and "brown sugar pavlova with dark rum syrup and fresh figs" on the right. Amazing!

Megan said...

A broken oven--you're right that's a bummer. Well, if you're really into it, you can invest in a good oven. I'm not really into pavlova, it's too sweet for my taste, but I love staring at that pic.

Tali said...

Gasp! They blended their borscht!
My Russian mum would be horrified.

I'm sure it still tastes good though :)