Monday, September 29, 2008

I love this idea of constant photo documentation of day to day life. not knowing the photographer, the images are often unexplained and ambiguous, which makes it all the more intruiging. imagine having this kind of archive to show your children one day (I'm really not someone who often thinks of their unborn, nonexistent kids, but I spoke about it with a friend recently, so I guess the thought crept in).
maybe something to start next year.


Anonymous said...

i like the anonymity of that particular daily snaps page. i like the idea too. but my camera batteries just died so poo poo.

if i come play over here will people talk to me? those LJ nerds don't understand my artistic tendencies.

Luci said...

yesss, purdy, make the move!
I don't really have any friends on here yet. but I hope to make some eventually. I'm sure you'll make some quickly. do it today!